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At Gold Class K9 we understand the importance of feeling safe in your home, along with understanding how a lack of proper security can put homes, their contents, and even occupants in serious danger.

Australia has the 7th highest burglary rate in the world, and with experience in the locksmithing field, we’ve seen the effects of this firsthand. But it doesn’t start and end in Aus, with homes all over the world needing proper protection and security.

We want our clients to feel as safe and secure as possible, which is why we will either provide you with one of our own fully trained security protection dogs or provide a space where your pet can gain the training it needs to act as a reliable protector for your home.

Client Feedback

Our Client Testimonial

Corrections Victoria Prison Dog Squad purchased K9 Ace which was of high quality. Ace is a super balanced dog that can turn aggression on when needed. K9 Ace is now operational with our unit. I would like to thank Mitch & Dean for the work they put into Ace and we look forward to future dealings with them in the future.

    Victoria Corrections

    After my home was burgled, I didn’t sleep for weeks. Then I got my trained personal protection dog from Gold Class K9, and I can rest easy again.

      Jason Arnold

      My Gold Class K9 is the only security system I need!

        Richard Thewlis

        We bought Rocky from Gold Class K9, and we could not feel safer. He is very cool, calm and collected, chills every day, but when we need him to jump into protection mode, he does that with no hesitation.

          Julia Drexler

          I take Roxy with me wherever I go and feel confident walking anywhere. Roxy is a loving Rottweiler and I couldn’t picture my life with her.

            Michelle Roberts

            Available Trained Dogs to Buy

            At Gold Class K9, we provide a safe and comfortable home for a healthy forged family of trained security, protection and guard dogs. Regardless of their breed, you can trust that any of the dogs that we provide have been through the same rigorous, yet nurturing training process to ensure that you can feel as safe as possible with them at your door.

            Take a look at our personal protection dogs for sale below.

            Protection Dog Training

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            If you’re curious about our services or the dogs in our care, feel free to get in touch with us at this phone number 0434 700 046 or send over an email to [email protected] today! We’ll make sure to get back to you in no time at all to answer any questions that you might have.