Protection Dogs


Trained to Protect

When you train a dog to protect you and your family, the bond between owner and animal becomes stronger than ever. Dogs are often protective already, but with the proper training, your dog will be able to discern between real threats and friendly faces.

Whether keeping your home safe or improving your sense of wellbeing on the go, the best protection dog will be calm and collected until the moments when ferocity is needed.

Why Should You Consider a Protection Dog?

There are a lot of burglaries in Australia, and while it may still be unlikely, you can never be too safe. High-tech security systems are costly, confusing, and only work to a certain degree. With a trained security dog in your home, you not only have a strong deterrent but also an active line of defense against intruders

Protection Dog Training

If you already have a pooch at home that you know and love, but feel could offer more in terms of protection, bring them to Gold Class K9, and we’ll train them up to be the guardian that your home deserves.

Our training programs vary depending on your needs, budget, and preferences, but any way that you want it, you can trust that your favourite furry friend will also be your perfect pet protector by the time we’re done with them.

This isn’t an overnight process, but with time, effort, and our expertise, your dog will become the only security measure you’ll ever need, without losing what it is that made you love them in the first place.

Pet Dog Training

We offer a training service where you bring your dog in for sessions with us, to learn the basics of manners and obedience that you can use day to day. Whether it’s an older dog or puppy, we can have them eating out of the palm of your hand.  

Training and Board

If you feel your dog could benefit from a more comprehensive training program, why not bring them to us for a term of training and board? Staying with us in our facility, they’ll receive round-the-clock attention and education to become the hero that we know they can be.

We also offer a variety of other training packages, so just choose the one that suits you to begin the protecting process today!

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