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Training & Boarding 

Go Anywhere, Be Anywhere, Peacefuly and Safely

With training and boarding, we’ll train your dog to protect you with their life, so you can go anywhere with the confidence that you’ve got the backup you need.

What is a Personal Protection Dog?

A personal protection dog is a dog with an especially protective attachment to its owner, seeing them as THE entity to keep safe and secure. Many dogs act this way instinctively, but the issue is that dogs often don’t know the difference between friend and foe.

With our personal protection training for dogs, we’ll teach your dog to discern between threats and casual passers-by, ensuring that they know when and where to strike as the defender that you need.

Why Should You Consider It?

Of course, you never expect to fall victim to an assault or mugging, but these things do happen, and it’s better to prepare for the worst and experience the best than the other way around. Trying to defend yourself with martial arts, keys between your knuckles, or pepper spray is all well and good, but with a trained personal protection dog by your side, it’s unlikely that things will ever go that far.

Personal Safety

Your protection dog will help you to feel safe, confident, and secure wherever you go, deterring potential attackers and offering a strong line of defence.


Dogs don’t stop being man’s best friend when they learn to protect, but rather the opposite, strengthening the bond to new heights.


You don’t have to worry about interactions with other dogs, as we ensure our training keeps them friendly, sociable, and happy in the company of other pets.

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